Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Movie That Never was...

In July of 2001 there were reports that Aaron Feldman has sold his movie script for "The American" to Vivendi's StudioCanal and the Artists Production Group. The premise was that a newbie at a "think tank" looking into terrorist funding discovers a high-level conspiracy within the CIA... Hmmm... in the same way the film "Fight Club" could probably not be made post-9/11, so this work was seemingly stillborn and shelved. In "Fight Club" the finale is when the domestic terrorists organized by the duality of Brad Pitt's and Ed Norton's characters within the same body blow up using homemade soap/explosives all the credit card companies in an orgy of anti-capitalist destruction set to the song, "Where is my mind?" by The Pixies.
I would like to read that script Mr. Feldman wrote, I am sure there are some very interesting ideas in there that are still relevent.

"Your head will collapse
If there's nothing in it
And you'll ask yourself
Where is my mind"
- Frank Black


OMG! Katrina aftermath! (Quick! Blow the bridges!)

OK, I really do try to avoid the Siren song of conspiracy theories as much as possible. But in some cases, you have to at least listen and reserve judgment until all the evidence, both supporting and negating, is processed. Timing is everything, both in comedy and in tragedy. While we were all looking towards New Orleans and the tearful and emotional aftermath of Hurricane Katrina (except for Dubya that is!), the U.S. military was blowing up most of the bridges connecting Iraq to Syria. On the border, over the Euphrates River where the numerous “foreign fighters” came to join the Iraq Insurgency, we decided to sever the connections.

Normally, a story like this would have drawn at least a little more attention than it did at the time. Early September of 2005 was all about Katrina and there were many worthy news stories that were relegated to the back pages... but the aerial bombing of those 8 out of 12 bridges was merely a blip in the background clutter and distracting noise. First just 2 were blown in the dark of night, when there was no apparent outcry in the media or at the United Nations, the other 6 were taken out. A seemingly innocent coincidence, because I mean REALLY, who would cook up such a dark scenario where we have such plans waiting in the wings that are only acted upon when the media is utterly distracted by a dramatic domestic human catastrophe? It certainly sent a message to the Syrians, who did have at least half of those bridges attached to their soil.

Decide for yourself...


Friday, February 03, 2006

We have nothing to fear but... more cartoons!

OK, the recent Tom Toles/Washington Post cartoon of Rumsfeld bedside with a quadraplegic saying he is "battle hardened"
has flipped out the thought police and culture coppers... tweaking these thin-skinned nit-wits and overly sensitive types during a "time of war" is like shooting pork in a barrel in Washington D.C.!

Go ahead, ban them and fire the artists... we must surely destroy freedom of expression to save our nation, right?
It would be double plus ungood to do otherwise brother!

Finally this one with Bush flying a plane into twin towers labeled "Social" and "Security"...

If there is such danger in these pen and ink images, then I am out the door and on my way to the art supply store to start my own brand of editorial cartooning to make it plain we are not going to be swayed from being critical of a suspect domestic fascist paranoid regime seeing real and imagined enemies everywhere...

There are a few other sites free thinking un-brainwashed folks may enjoy...

The Students for an Orwellian Society

and The Propaganda Remix Project

Here is a Seinfeld-esque send up of Rummy resides here...


Fear of t-shirts & cartoons?

I thought I was dreaming when they hauled off Cindy Sheehan right before the State of the Union address of Mr. Danger. Then "they" made amends by also ejecting a woman wearing a "Support Our Troops" shirt. Sheesh! If all things are symbolic in some way to someone, the current "War on Shirts" ranks right up there with the "War on Drugs" or the Stridex "War on Acne"... Surely we have reached some sort of nadir to our political life when such things occur routinely.
Mohammed cartoons shock ignorant third worlders hung up on silly crap...
That should have been the headline when the Danish paper Magizinet printed cartoon images of the founder of Islam recently. OK, time to throw eggs at the Danish Embassy! If I could I would get a OUIJI board and communicate with him to find out his opinion on all this.
There is something so backwards and simple-minded about these radical Islamists that makes our homegrown variety downright warm and fuzzy! Id rather hang out with tobacco chewing, beer swilling, NASCAR loving bible thumpers than the clerics living so far in the past they are truly bordering on irrationality.
I'd set their hijabs and turbans aflame and laugh as they run down the street, because the glow from that fire shall surely light the world!