Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gay Republicans for Jesus!

I have a love-hate relationship with gay Republicans. It's not so much the schizo-hypocracy or their lack of fashion sense, but the sleazy, sneaky "in-the-mens-room-at-the-airport" kind of furtive behavior that shows not just a lack of "pride" but also a profound shame and fear of getting caught.
So, is that the attraction?
Are they the same kind of person who as a child in the school yard received a cheap thrill from picking their nose when no one was looking? The kind of weird adult who in the workplace has a simple smile for you, then tries to read the memo on your desk upside-down when you turn around to take a call? The risk taker who gets a perverted rush when they wear pantyhose under their chinos? Should politicians like Mark Foley be pilloried publicly and be forced to march in San Francisco's Gay Pride Parade once they've been outed as a sick form of penance? Sure, why not... "We accept you, we accept you, one of us!" they would scream from the sidewalks as they blow kisses at their latest conquest... call John Waters, we may have a script for his next movie!


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Winter X Games!

That chilly wild time of year again bro and we're wicked stoked!
Winter X Games is fun, fun, fun and hazardous. So what if I'm a 40+ year old silly dude, but I know a cool thing when I see it and when we went to Winter X 2000 at Mt. Snow Vermont and it was the first year of Motocross with the Metal Mulisha hitting the 20 foot kickers like they were Mike Tyson on steroids, well... we fell in love and hope to see them back on the East Coast again some year soon. In the meantime we're getting ready for the Chevy U.S. Snowboarding Grand Prix at Killington in mid-March.

Shaun White;-)/

Official Winter X 12 song... Kanye West samples Steely Dan in

Best new boots = Oakley Casing (no paid promos here!)


DJ Spooky Rocks the Boston ICA!

Yes indeed, "That Subliminal Kid" himself was at the Boston Institute for Contemporary Art last night and it was "SPECTACULAR"! A real SPECTACLE! The SITUATION was under control! It was part of the ICA's "Experiment" series of events and my lovely fiancee' got us tickets for this sold-out event. While known for remixing the likes of Marcel Duchamp and D.W. Griffith's "Birth of a Nation" into the "Re-Birth of a Nation" he played it safe and played some esoterica and obscurata mixed in with the more familiar tunes; Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics, Message in a Bottle by The Police, some Beasties, some Doors and other appropo audio vignettes.

All the while he had one video projector playing a goofy loop of 8-bit video game graphics akin to Space Invaders on speed. He also played a montage of the flags of the world and that segued into him playing a grainy Black-N-White film based on the writings of French Situationist philosopher Guy Debord, "The Society of the Spectacle." It was more than a little ironic since it seemed many in the audience probably did not (and could not) understand such heady things in their consumer posing and posturing, Burberry scarf around the neck, calling friends who were most likely watching a basketball game to say, "Guess where I am?", and generally acting like the oblivious/shameless ugly Americans who just don't know any better and don't care. The booze helped lubricate them and the dancing was a mix between pretentious theater as one would see at a Grateful Dead concert with the highly stylized moves obviously seen elsewhere and "borrowed" like so many audio samples to be recontextualized... Overall a great example of his ability and talent. If only we could build that darn elusive "Time Machine" and go back to Paris in 1968 and be a part of the students rioting in the streets - just because.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Boston Herald was Right!

So, there I was seated at a stool at the old neighborhood bar drinking a beer and watching local news, which in the Boston area means sports and weather, a few people crashing cars into houses, a fire and some cutsie-poo info-tainment including stories not anywhere NEAR here (why do they even bother to call it LOCAL news?) before another 10 minutes of sports and weather. (Note to Capitalist media baron self: Create new regional cable channel, the New England Sports & Weather Channel)

Anyway, I saw the Jan. 5, 2008 issue laying there (or is it lying?) and thumbed through it... the usual tabloid crap that leaves guilty pleasure ink on your grubby calloused fingers and a numbing sensation in your booze addled brain... then... ah ha! The editorials!

One that caught my eye was by Deroy Murdock and the title was, "Red alert on a Romney adviser" and it was a complaint that his campaign staff included a former CIA official/executive/agent/spook, one J. Cofer Black. (Note to creepy right-wing self: Change name to first initial and middle name ala J. Edger Hoover, E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy) Black's counter-terrorism credentials sure smell impressive on first sniff, but the editorial lays the blame for the non-watch listing of 2 of the 9-11 suicide commandos and other bureaucratic bungles... OK, it was true enough, Newt Romney thinks he knows how to pick `em, but as the final line of the editorial stated: "This should keep Republican primary voters awake at night."

UPDATE: I dug up the article by Mark Hemingway in the Dec. 18, 2006 issue of The Weekly Standard my father sent me... titled, "Warriors For Hire:Blackwater USA and the rise of private military contractors", it had some information on the leadership cadre of the mercenaries, including "Blackwater vice-chairman Cofer Black, a former CIA agent and State Department coordinator for counterterrorism..." Ah, yes, the wonderful revolving door of jingo-minded right-wingers in and out of government and private enterprise, the real American way the poor saps these ideologues need to keep voting for their proxy puppets. Sheer diabolical evil genius. No wonder why the terrorists want to blow us up and kill us all, we let this kind of crap happen...


Sunday, January 06, 2008

Bomb Khartoum NOW!

OK, here we go again, BUT... as in a Sherlock Holmes mystery, why didn't the "dog" bark? When a British teacher in Sudan allowed her class to name a stuffed bear Mohammed, the entire media establishment went frothing-at-the-mouth crazy when the local religious fanatics wanted to prosecute her. When an American embassy employee is murdered in the streets of Sudan, there is barely a peep. This seeming "non-story" is a mystery, and probably for a good reason. In the past, the CIA has used the Agency for International Development as cover so we can do what we do best, gather intelligence and do little about it. Now I'm wondering if this man, John Granville, a 33 year old former resident of Buffalo NY, was a US intelligence agent working out of our embassy under USAID cover. The genocide still going on in the Darfur region and the sad impotence of the United Nations to do anything about it is another example of how we should be truly fighting terrorism, and not in Iraq, but where it really is - the Sudan. The NY Times article is
Rest in peace John, and Happy New Year.

ADDENDUM: 1/7/08
From the USAID webpage...

"Currently he is working to bring radios to the population of South Sudan in order to maximize the impact of USAID’s broadcasting initiatives in the region."
Radios? I thought they needed food.
What exactly are we broadcasting to these people?
What is this? Voice of America propaganda? Radio Free Africa?
Don Imus?


Baseball steroids scandal? SNORE!

We may as well formalize the informal and turn the great American game of baseball into what it is, "professional" wrestling on a diamond. Let's just go ahead and let them juice up, wear silly costumes and get their `roid rage on and beat on each other every time they steal a base. It would certainly be more entertaining that way. Say it ain't so! We get what we deserve... cheaters.


Is the "Maytag Repairman" now a non-union scab?

The Dependibility People? Thanks for nothing greedy corporate idiots!
So Michael Moore was right, so what else in new? The sad fact is that we can not trust so-called American companies to to behave as if they are actually "American". SHAME! Fred Maytag is surely rolling in his grave.
The Sioux City Journal article.


Cheap stupid father almost kills children?

Yes, in search of a free Christmas tree! I know, I know... that feels like a long time ago, but... Frederick Dominguez should be in jail for endangering his children by taking them into the snowy mountains of California to steal a tree on public land. No wonder he and his wife, Lisa Sams are divorced. What a cheap stupid thing to do. Please never do that kind of crap again! The San Jose Mercury News article is here. He "joked" that next year he'd buy a plastic tree, thank JESUS! Maybe if he wants to treat them to a seafood dinner he'll take them deep sea diving during a tsunami to get some free food?