Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Circuit, on ABC Family!

It's true!
Michelle Trachtenberg finally got her boobies!
Of course I wasn't tracking their progress, but I did notice when I logged onto Yahoo Mail on the front page is a hype with her crazy smiling face and her name and some silly crap about "young celebrities".
Of course, knowing how internet marketing and the shameless media-entertainment hype machine works, I was sure it was a paid ad pretending to be something else, like, what people are looking up and searching for! Like Rihanna or whatever talentless flavor-of-the-month needing a publiscists boost... ever see Sweet Smell of Success? Get the DVD from NetFlix, OK? Burt Lancaster plays Walter Winchell, or at least someone strikingly simliar!

SO, a couple of days go by and I'm beating the summer heat by watching the NASCAR race from Pocono PA and theres an ad for The Circuit, an ABC Family (wholesome and square) 'movie' or 'series' or whatever the F it is... starring, MT's new boobies in a race car driver's uniform! Wow! Mommy, I want to be a teen idol race car driver just like Joey Daytona! Please, can I? Please?