Sunday, May 25, 2008

Right Said Tony?

-Photo by Joey Daytona-
IRL "driver" and producer of spare race car parts Tony Kanaan aka Vin Diesel not only looks like the mesh-shirted bloke from the "band" Right Said Fred, he loves their "music" and subs for one of the Fairbass brothers, the bald one, (right? Oi Oi!) when he is laid up in hospital with various symptoms better left undescribed here. (Penis problems)


The REAL worst case scenario... plane + shampoo napalm?

I was talking to some people a few weeks ago and had a revelation that only last night 'gelled' while watching "The Assassination of Richard Nixon" starring Sean Penn from 2004, but about the true story of Sam Byck, a guy who lost his wife and kids, his job and his sanity and decided to hijack a passenger plane and have it flown into the White House. (sound familiar?)
I can't help thinking it was Penn's way of saying Bush Administration claims that 'no one knew' what was possible and preventable was straight up BULL SHIT!
Byck brought onboard a gun and a suitcase with gallon sized anti-freeze jugs of gasoline...

When we were talking about the potential of a shampoo bottle bomb, Richard Reid the 'Shoe Bomber', matches and lighters, etc... as well as the Anarchist Cook Book style 'binary' bomb where one mixes 2 safe substances to create a real BANG... I realized that a potential terrorist attack on a plane doesn't have to be the perfectionist version of a hole blown in the side causing an explosive decompression and/or airframe failure and eventual crash - what if they just made homemade NAPALM and squeezed it all over the passengers and set them on fire?
Do THEY know about this?
THEM and US?
What else aren't our own gov't and the 'baddies' telling us?
If the media was honest and not concerned with being alarmists, we'd understand thinsg better and give up our bottles of shampoo more willingly.


What's with all the smiles?

OK, so I'm in a transit bus stuck in traffic in Harvard Sq. Cambridge MA due to construction causing an already constricted traffic flow into a nightmare when 2 lanes become 1.
I'm looking out the window ignoring the mothers feeding their childern "Orange Breakfast", meaning orange soda and orange artificially colored Cheezy Poofs! Yuk... no wonder they are all so ignorant, these little growing bastards need PROTEIN!
Anyway, as I peered out the filthy bus window and slowly passed by a bank, a clothing store, a drugstore and a coffee shop, I noticed something odd passing itself off as tediously normal. In each of those windows looking out onto the busy street rife with pedestrians numb to the visual assault on their eyeballs... I realized that those phony smiling faces that were in a studio photo shoot with commercial photograhpers being paid by the marketing departments of the companies desiring you to give them your money willingly, the real message was - All is Well.
Despite a scary economic downturn bordering on full-blown RECESSION, the faces of these models looked more like POW's at a staged propaganda session... "OK, stand there and smile, everything is OK, we feed you, you are not being tortured, right?"
All that was missing was one of them sending out in Morse code by blinking their eyes - "H-E-L-P" or, "S-O-S" or better yet... "L-I-E-S".