Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Few Things...

First off, I must admit I do not read many other Blogs. That said forgive me if you heard this one before...
There was a woman who drank too much water on a radio station contest to win a game console. She died. The station was 1.7.9 The End, which of course references the "end of the dial" aspect but it is a little creepy in that it was The End for her. Irony is back baby!
(I also have to laugh at the names these many radion stations go by, The Hawk, Eagle 104, The Buzzard, crap like that, silly marketing types sitting around a conference room table hepped up on Starfucks)

Next, I love the fact my dear Old Dad watches shows like CSI Hoboken and stuff of that genre. he also likes "24", where else can you look into the future and see a black President and a lady VP in charge when we finally get nuked by the terrorist "evil doers". Remember America, this is just a TV show, BUT it could happen if you vote the wrong way! Sheesh... RESIST TELEVISION! That is a great bumper sticker from Vermin Supreme who ran for President back in 2004.

I watched a great 1953 B&W movie with John Derek, "Mission Over Korea". Look it up on IMDB. I love flicks made during the actual conflicts, too bad Hollywood are such sissies they can't figure out we need to see domestic propaganda about the current wars. I can't wait for someone to have the guts to make the "Haditha Dawn" or "Sunni-cide Falls" or better yet, a remake of "The Caine Mutiny" with a certain General relieved of duty with his shaky hand still on the "chicken switch". He can even play himself for added realism. I'd buy a bootleg of that from some swarthy foreigner on the sidewalk of Main Street in Sketchyville USA.

Ok, last one... maybe you have seen the TV ads, or worse the ads on the sides of the MBTA buses all over Metro Boston for H&R Block. After the 1st fo the year they make their play to do your taxes and then after April 15th or thereabouts (check for Patriots Day aka Boston Marathon Day delays) and you never hear from them again until next January. Anyway, their new ad campaign is horrible, there is a smiling ethnic face and they say, "I got $1,500 without a W2. I got people." Huh? What? A friend called this "Ebonics" and "pandering to the ignorant underclass" then corrected himself and called it use of "Blinglish" which made me laugh. "How nignorant can you get?"
Another example of stupid advertising types sitting around a conference room table being, well... STUPID! I "got" people too, and they know how to say things properly. I know education is scary, you might learn something to make you rethink your narrow worldview.