Thursday, January 18, 2007

Children of Men

We saw this flick at a mall in upstate NY and the folks for the 11:20am show were a lot like us, people who HATE rude crowds and the silliness of the prime-time movie viewers. It was very good, not quite up to the praise that included stuff like, "...better than Blade Runner..." but it did strike the right notes. Such as, England is the only civilived society left in the future, because in P.D. James's eyes they ARE the only truly civilized nation on the whole planet anyway!


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"We Fight Dirty"

As a turnaround of the car wash billboard via the Cal. Dept. of "Corrections" We Fight Dirty via Abu Ghraib.

I also loved the Society of the Spectacle: A Digital Remix...
Mark Amerika
Had dinner with a friend from DC Friday night at Sandrines in Harvard Sq., if you haven't been, you should try out the Alsacian food.

Been using my Xmas gift, a Tascam mixer/burner that I hooked up to the Numark deck to make the "Sopranos Peppers & Eggs Remix" ("I called you half a F-in hour ago!" = samples of dialogue and the theme song) as seen on the video "Winter Hill Diary" and the Godzilla Remix ("They say he's got to go, go, go Godzilla" with the original film's soundtrack and BOC) that I use as the outro for the Condy-R/Jay-Z remix.

Used John Cage's "Radio Music" and DJ Flood's "Raiding the 20th Century" for the Reporter Fluff video which really stands on its own, everyone I have showed it to says I am "onto something" and they see the blatant sexism in cable TV news media.

2007 might be something else altogether, I have avoided the harsh glare of publicity for all these years, why ruin a good obscure underground thing? I plan on a few live shows, but may delve into more solo production in order to make tracks I can use while spinning and mixing live. I want to do a gallery show or two, maybe in Providence RI or up in NH, then at my old school in Poughkeepsie NY. Keeping tabs on the NE Fire Drum group, the belly dancing scene, saw the webpage for anime videos people make and share, another online cult. Wondering what to put on the "Best of 2006" show next week, in NY the weekend after and might look at a 2000 LS1 Camaro, B4C police package car...

UPDATE: I did present a paper at an MIT Media In Transition conference... the paper is HERE. I also received a grant from the local arts council to perform live a bizarre multimedia piece titled, "Energy In Motion".