Sunday, April 23, 2006

Zombies and America 2020AD

Funny thing how someone or something can stink so much they get used to it and wonder why others are sick... like the upcoming Zombie Parade.
There is something to be said for the Zombie lifestyle and that is to drink Zombies, preferably out of coconut shells at the Lava Lounge of the East Coast Grill...
In a "It's a small world after all" kind of moment, the guy who seats you at the ECG is none other than DJ 3rd Arm, Arthur Mullen! Heard he was dating Lady Sovereign... Weird huh?
SO... in the year 2020, methinks there may be only one airline and one energy company and one food company and that sort of transnational global corporate socialism as seen in the 1970's film "Rollerball". A handful of vertically integrated de facto monopolies, foer the good fo the masses.


Cheap shots & sucker punches, brickbats & brass balls?

We may be living in mean-spirited times where insensitivity, cynicism, distrust, apathy and other similar joyful traits are rewarded insofarmuchas there is no real punishment for such acts of anti-social civil disobedience. From driving, to talking, to walking or waiting in a line, we have little more than an attention speck... that aside, the price of gasoline is up, interest rates may rise, the real estate bubble burst and the value of money seems to be adrift somehow. Seeing the leader of China Hu get lauded out by a Falun Gong press lady was priceless. If there was an Extreme World Fighting League, there we'd be like Capt. Amerika, basically wanting good things like democracy, etc... but we have feet of clay and blinders on, one hand tied behind our back and so many albatrosses around our neck we are more likely to back into a crisis with our eyes closed than face it head on. Meanwhile China is like a huge martial arts expert who has repressed his dojo and dissed his sensei and now bootlegs bitten beats and has a rough pirate feel to him as looks at Taiwan and Japan to pop shit... his pimphand is strong fer sure! Bush can handle them... no problem.


OMG! It's a... VIBRATOR!

OK, picture the Gilette Venus Vibrance razor for women...
Take off blade, lubricate and insert for more radiant skin?
This has to be a big secret for teen girls to bear!
Enough said, the focus group found their G-spot...


Blog notes found! Film at 11 on Google video!

I found all those odd bits of paper I put Blog-worthy ideas on I had made over the last month or two... they are Infotainful, which is the new buzzword for what I have dubbed The First Decade, there is a real feel to this one now that we are halfway through and for me it was summed up in a tabloid newspapers sports-esque headline, "Moms battle for right to breastfeed at Fenway". The image of battling moms makes me quesy to begin with, but let us for the sake of infotainfulness' sake forge ahead with this idea to its logical conclusion... lactating mothers within spitting distance of beer-sloshed baseball fans? Some visiting from far off lands, like Baltimore and Toronto, where such things are just not done. Meanwhile I found this bit of video on Google, it features two interesting characters on a local community access TV station, Joey Daytona and the Third Arm...


Monday, April 17, 2006

Visit Indiana!

Funny thing, I was last out in the "midwest" back in 2001. It was a long drive to the Brickyard in Indy to see Hoosier Jeff Gordon win the 400 mile race. This time around it was a bizness trip to South Bend, home of the Studebaker National Museum... going back to Indiana is like travelling back 20 years in time!
1. Cigs are still $3 a pack...
2. You can still smoke them in bars & restaurants...
3. Each radio station still plays a John Cougar Mellencamp song once an hour!
Next month... FLORIDA here we come again!
Boca, West Palm, Orlando, a beat down rental at the local drag strip mall and you! SWAK!